"Furukawa Festival・Okoshi drum" is held on April 19th and 20th every year. This festival consists of 3 events: stately traditional "portable shrine procession" which is divine service at Shrine and playing a important part, and these 2 events are added as the second majour Rites and Festivals-- "Okoshi drum" with heroic "movement", and "Float procession" with large-scale "silence". The festival spreads out a gorgeous picture scroll for 2 days.
On 19th, getting dark, men wrapping some bleached cotton cloth arounf their waist gather at open ground saying "heave-ho!" and it is filled with excitement.
After that, in the "Idetachi Festival", people pray for safety and their excitement reaches the highest point with a solemn atmosphere and emotional uplift like "it's time to move Okoshi drum".
And this festival lasts till midniggt.
On 20th, large-scale floats are completed, children's kabuki is parformed and Karakuri is dedicated. At the night, floats light lanterns and it makes fantastic atmosphere lighting up cherry blossoms which bloomed recently.
Why don't you come and enjoy heroic and gorgeous atmosphere?