Gujohachiman is located in the central area of Gifu Prefecture and is upstream of Nagaragawa River,one of the Three Greatest Rivers in Japan. It is a castle town renowned for its clear and pure water.

With a craftsman’s district and a blacksmith’s district,the townscape carries some reminders of the Edo-era and you’ll be able to forget your daily worries walking down these streets.
As you walk through the town,you’ll notice small Pocket Parks all over the place.
If you see a Mizubune water tank you’ll be able to drink tasty Gujohachiman water.

The Gujo-odori,which has a 400-year history,is a famous reminder of summer and the Urabone-tetsuya-odori danced to the Ohayashi rhythm throughout the night and until the following morning is unbelievable.

The Gujohachiman Castle is unmissable when visiting,and the view from the wooden Tenshukaku which was built some 80 years ago is touching.
The mountain is covered in red Momiji leaves in autumn,while in winter it will be covered in white.

You'll enjoy this place no matter what season you visit in.

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