The technique which artisan in Hida has developed has handed down and protected. "Hida Crafts Museum" was bulit using that technique. Using local wood and it was built by local carpenters who have been handed down the technique of artisan. This was made without a nail. You can see the joint, interlocking wooden building blocks and "Kumo" which is the crest of carpenters who worked for this building and you can know the techniques well that carpenters in hida has protected.
Also, it is said that the scenary of Seto river from 2nd floor of Tatami room is the best.
The secret methods of artisan in Hida is famous for "hound's-tooth check" and this is one of the traditional techniques of Hida which have various things out of rectangular of combinations. Tjis method is that wood is combined alternately like a wave the warp and weft together. At the experience corner, you can try various kinds of timbering. It is really difficult and some tourists try to complete taking a long time.
You might discover something new when you look at exhibits in the hall, learn anout techniques of artisan and take a walk around.