Seki-Zenkouji is a temple where at the foot of Mt.Asakura located in city center and known for beautiful cherry-blossoms in spring, colored leaves in Autumn. In the precinct, you can overlook whole Seki city.
The mail hall is totally look alike with Zenkouji(temple) in Shinshu (Nagano prefecture) and also you can join the tour of only one swastika-type Kaidan (300 yen). Kaidan is the dark underground place of temple where used to be train space for monks and also where you can clean your soul to go to heaven by walk down in the dark.
Also you can experience Shakyo (making a handwritten copy of a sutra) for 1000 yen, Zazen (zen meditation) for 1000 yen no matter you come with a party or small group or alone.