〈These are high spot!〉
*Japanese tasteful street
*Traditional technology and Japanese crafts
*Local dishes of old store, and specialty of “Mitarashi-Dango”


Sankin, center of castle town, Jyo-machi and Shita-machi in Takayama which has developed as merchant town, is called an old street.
Especially, an area of Kamisanno-machi, Kaminino-machi, and Kamiichino-machi is called “Sanmachi Street”, which is a standard sightseeing spot of Takayama.
On the street, there are shops of sake, cheap sweets, traditional technology, and Japanese crafts, where many tourists visit.
There is tasteful street that water hangs down under the eaves with projecting lattice, and Odo of town house and Noren of old store stand side by side. It’s recommended to walk around leisurely.
The full of variety are so attractive you don’t mind tiredness by walking on the street.
Let’s have local dishes of “Hobamiso” and specialty of “Mitarashi-Dango”.