of nuclear weapons following the destruction it suffered at the hands of the world's first nuclear bombing during World War II.

There is the Hiroshima airport, the Hiroshima port and you can also take the Shinkansen at Hiroshima station. There are connections to Seoul, Taipei, Dalian, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo from Hiroshima airport, Shikoku from Hiroshima port and Osaka and Kyushu via JR Hiroshima station.

The most popular and famous tourist attraction for foreigners is, Miya-jima island in Aki, and the Atomic Bomb Dome which is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage.

Hiroshima is surrounded by nature such as the sea and mountains and there are plenty of fresh food all year round. Hiroshima produce the most oysters in Japan but also producea lot of Conger-eel and small dried sardines. In the autumn Matsutake mushrooms can also be harvested.

The most popular food in Hiroshima is the Okonomiyaki, which are different from the Okonomiyakis of Kansai. The Hiroshima Okonomiyakis are cooked with cabbages on top of a thin layer of wheat flour dough. There are many Okonomiyaki restaurants in Hiroshima.

Hiroshima has a good reputation for serving fresh and tasty food coming from the surrounding nature.

Timeline of Hiroshima

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    Atomic Bomb Dome

    The Atomic Bomb Dome continues to remind and inform us of the tragic atomic bombing of Hiroshima ...

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    The island of Miya-jima is a very popular tourist destination.
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    Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

    Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima City is open to the public for free.
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