The Gogazuka-Kofun is a keyhole-shaped tomb that is located in the Southern suburb of Itami City, the Western side of Inano Station Hankyu Itami Line, and is surrounded by the moat full of water. The mound is a so-called scallop-type tomb that was made short and low in the front part.
It was designated as a cultural asset (monument) in Hyogo prefecture in March 1966.

The total length of the Gogazuka-Kofun is 52m, the front part is 19m in width, 13m in length, 2m in height. The rear circle is 39m in diameter and 7m in height, and the width of the moat around it is 8 to 11m. Minami Shrine is settled on top of the flat mound.
Once there were also mounds called Michizuka, Kakarizuka, Nukumezuka, Yaburezuka within a range of 200 to 300m around Gogazuka-Kofun, all these have disappeared today. Some said that "Gokazuka" was named after "Go-ga-zuka (5 mounds)" together with Gokazuka and these four mounds.