Known for its sake brewing history, the so named ‘Miyanomae Cultural Village’ is one of Itami’s most renowned cultural hotspots, as well as being the location of the Itami City Museum of Art.
Opened in 1987, chief among the museum’s exhibits is its extensive collection of works attributed to one of France’s most distinguished nineteenth century caricaturists, Honoré Daumier. The collection boasts more than two thousand satirical prints, forty nine engravings and four oil paintings, making it one of the largest Daumier collections in the world. The core concept expressed throughout Daumier’s works is ‘satire and humour’, and his caricatures, referring to both his native France and abroad, explore earlier themes from eighteenth century England, to his later, chiefly satirical works – nine thousand of which have been archived.
Furthermore, museum exhibitions take place about five times each year, featuring workshops run by warm and internationally minded staff. The museum also features works by notable Japanese artists, including Kanto Shigemori, widely known for his illustrations of Japanese landscape gardens.

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Timeline of Itami City Museum of Art