Itami City Tourist Information Center; East entrance of Itami, is a tourist information center and souvenir shop, which is located in the ticket floor of JR Itami Station.
Known as a town flourished in sake making, there’re a lot of sake products such as Narazuke vegitables pickled with sake lees, Sake-manju, sake lees curry, etc. In addition, they are selling specific products over 200 like 0 calorie mayonnaise seasoning without eggs made by local tofu shop, green tea cookies of long-established tea store, various sauces of local sauce maker, ponzu vinegar, camucamu fruit juice high in vitamin C, etc.
Hope you want to come to see us again – The warm hospitality is their motto. Please drop by when you come to JR Itami Station. There are also break spaces and cafe shops available for everyone.

Festival of Itami city in this month

Timeline of Itami City Tourist Information Center and Local Products Shop

  • Special Product Thumb1 20161028105037
    Hyogo Itami city

    “TAMIMARU” items

    “Tamimaru” is a mascot character of Itami city with motif of “mallard” living in Koyaike pond, which is representative of natural environment of Itami city. It speaks in Kansai ...

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    Hyogo Itami city

    “HIKOMARU” items

    “Hikomaru” is a mascot character of Itami city as same as “Tamimaru.” In order to advertise Itami city, he has been flying to all the parts of Japan with many information. Wit...

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    Hyogo Itami city

    Deluxe Matcha Candies: Murashige-Ame (come in decorative bell shaped canisters)

    "Murashige Araki, a daimyo and the former lord of Itami Arioka Castle in 16C, later in his career he became a disciple of Sen-no-Rikyu, a famous, historical master of tea and te...

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