Just adjacent to the runway of Itami Airport (in western Osaka), is a purpose-built 9 hectare park, built on a gradual 7 metre slope. From its highest point, the park serves as an ideal place to watch the take-off and landing of aircraft close-up.
Viewing is especially recommended at night, when the dazzling light-tracks along the runway take on a fairytale-esque quality that is breath-taking to behold.
The park also contains a popular children’s adventure playground, featuring a huge three-dimensional maze, a slide and a jungle-gym.
Moreover, in springtime approximately 14,000 colourful azaleas come into bloom on the hillside, adding to the park’s pleasant daytime atmosphere and making it an ideal place to visit for both families and couples alike.

Festival of Itami city in this month

Timeline of Itami Sky Park

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