A library built with a "garden-like library" concept that can be easily visited by citizens.

Bookshelves in this library are peculiarly set on the floors, where an automatic book circulating and loaning machine is introduced for people to easily get the book that they want. The library is open until 20:00PM on weekdays.

Picture book storytelling as well as puppet plays are also one of the events offered by the library that can be enjoyed by both kids and the family, while the first floor of the library offers services such as the recommended book exchange counter (the `Kaebon-dana`), original booklet making corner,「ZINE」, and even a book introduction event (the `Bibliobattle`) where it makes it possible for people to mingle and socialize with other people.

The library also holds the "Itami`s Writer Corner" event, involving two writers who are currently residing within Itami, Tanabe Keiko and Miyamoto Teru. Aside from this, PR corners, such as those introducing Itami`s local sake and other goods are also sometimes held, along with the distribution of cultural and historical information.

Festival of Itami city in this month

Timeline of Kotoba-gura Library