The ruins of Arioka Castle stand on the western bank of the Inagawa River, on the east side of the Itami land bench. The original castle was built by the Itami clan over a number of years, during Japan’s Warring States period.
In November 1574, one of Oda Nobunaga’s retainers – a man called Araki Murashige, entered the castle by force on the Itami clan’s behalf, and went on to conduct the larger part of the castle’s reconstruction.
Not simply a castle, however, the precincts – consisting of a moat and earthen walls - also comprise a samurai street and ‘machiya’ (traditional town house), making the site well worth a visit. In 1979 the castle was designated an Historic Site (and on a second occasion in 1988).

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Timeline of National Historic Site: Arioka Castle Ruins