“Shirayuki Brewery Village Chojugura” is a store of long standing directly managed by Konishi sake brewing, which also has restaurants, a brewery, and exhibition. In former Itami gocho, a few building of traditional sake cellar is utilized.

1. Restaurant
Beer and Sake freshly squeezed, original cuisines and Belgium dishes perfectly matched to the bear and sake – distinctive menu you enjoy. About 200 seats. With a restful air by thick pillars and timbers etc, have a leisurely time of dishes.
2. Shop
“Shirayuki Brewery Village Chojugura” displaying Sake made by Konishi sake brewing. There are, including Sake, craft beer “KONISHI beer,” several Belguim beer and “Sera wine” made in Japan.

Festival of Itami city in this month

Timeline of Shirayuki Brewery Village Chojugura