At a glance:
.One of Japan’s ‘three ancient springs’
.Used as a hot-spring health resort since ancient times

As one of the so-named ‘three ancient springs’ or ‘three famous springs' of Japan, Arima Onsen -‘hot-spring' - has origins steeped in history and culture.

Famous historical persons including Sei Shonagon (a Heian period author, poet and Court Lady to the Empress Teishi), and Toyotomi Hideyoshi (a Sengoku period samurai and war general) both loved Arima Onsen.

Due to its ease of access, being located in Kobe city, it quickly prospered, and is still visited by many people every year.

There are two distinct water sources in Arima Onsen, each with a different mineral content:‘kinsen' - ‘gold spring’ and ‘ginsen' - ‘silver spring' - both of which visitors can enjoy experiencing. Exclusive goods such as baking soda rice crackers and other unique products can also be found there.