At a glance:
.Overlooking Kobe’s “million dollar night view”
.A huge, colourful variety of seasonal flowers on display
.Enjoy some natural herbal tea!

Nunobiki Herb Garden was opened along with the Shin-Kobe Ropeway in 1991. It is well known as Japan’s number one herb garden, featuring 12 themed gardens, and can be accessed via the Shin-Kobe Ropeway. From season to season, approximately 200 different species, including 75,000 herbs and flowers, are in full bloom.

The ropeway starts at Sanroku station (67m from ground level) and goes up as far as the mountain summit (397m), with one other station located between the two. The Herb Garden is situated between the middle station and the summit station, and at night, the stunning “million dollar night view” of Kobe can be seen from there.
Between Sanroku station and the middle station stand Nunobiki Waterfall – one of Japan’s ‘big three waterfalls’, and Nunobiki Dam, completed in 1900 as Japan’s first ever concrete gravity dam – both of which are well worth visiting.