Rokko Garden Terrace is a small town-like tourist spot atop Mt. Rokko at 890m,with observatory facilities and shops and restaurants.
It is one of the best observatory facilities in the country,and the panoramic view spreading from Kansai International Airport to the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is astonishing. At night you’ll be able to see what is called the $10,000,000 night-scenery.

There are many places to eat and drink such as the Rokko Genghis Khan Palace famous for their lamb dishes,the semi-self style Rokko View Palace or the Granite Café with its terrace and stylish interior.
There are 5 generalist stores too where you can enjoy some shopping.

There is a small hill in Rokko Garden Terrace upon which stads the Rokko-shidare Observatory. You will,needless to say,be met with some beautiful scenery but you will also be able to appreciate with your entire body the surrounding nature of Mt. Rokko. (The entry fee for the observatory is 300 yen)