Kōnotori (Oriental storks, a natural monument of Japan) were released in nature in September 2005 and the chicks were observed growing in nature first time in 46 years in July 2007. The city is working on the project to re-establish wild nature in the village, which involves grand efforts unprecedented progress anywhere in the world.
Agriculture, forestry, fisheries and tourism are the major industries. Especially for the tourism, there are the well-known Kinosaki Hot Springs, one of the best in Western Japan Kannabe Highland ski resort, Little Tokyo of Tanba and Izushi Castle town etc., and more than 4 million tourists visit us annually. In addition, Izushi-yaki (pottery) and leather bags are our local industry and our bags are one of the four major products in Japan.


Timeline of Toyooka City

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    Hyogo Toyooka City

    Kounotori Tajima Airport

    Kounotori Tajima Airport is located in Toyooka city. The airport offers two inbound and two outbound flights a day. Flights departing from Haneda Airport in Tokyo take a little ...

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    Hyogo Toyooka City

    Toyooka Kaban (Bags)

    Toyooka is famous for being Japan's largest producer of bags. Toyooka bags are detailed and are of the highest quality. These bags stand in par with well-known French and Italia...

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    Built in 1901, this is the oldest Kabuki theater in the Kansai region. After being closed in 1964...


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