Also, you can seize sweetfish in the river and should not miss Tendaki waterfall which has the biggest fall in Hyogo!

In spring, the big cherry trees which are more than 1,000 years old in Tarumi is famous.
In summer, you have to visit Firefly Village where there are a lot of fireflies. In autumn, Yabu shrine is famous for the colored leaves of autumn. In winter, there are famous ski resorts.

Yabu is a city that makes an attractive tourist destination. It is easily accessed from Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto and you can enjoy nature.

Also, there are accommodations so you can come free from care.

Why don’t you come to Yabu and come into touch with nature?

We are waiting for your visit!!


Timeline of Yabu city

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    Hyogo Yabu city

    Where is Yabu-shi?

    Yabu-shi, Hyogo, is located between Toyooka-shi which is famous for "Kinosaki Onsen" and Asago-shi which is famous for "the ruins of Takeda Castle". It has many rice fields. You...

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    Going the mountain trail along the stream for 40 minutes (about 1.2 km) from the parking lot of T...

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    Nagusa Shrine

    Nagusa Shrine is in Myoken-mura, Youka-cho, Yabu City. It is located on the halfway (800 meters h...

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    Yabu Shrine

    Yabu Shrine is a Shinto shrine counted among one of five Tajima, and this has already left the na...

Temple and Shrine/Castle/Historical site

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