Noted mountain "Mt. Hyonosen" which Yabu-shi is proud of is 1,510m above sea level. It is the next highest mountain after Mt.Oyama in Chugoku Mountains, and it is the highest in Hyogo! It is said that it was formed by the volcanic eruption approximately 3 million years ago. Mt. Hyonosen is designated as Hyonosen Ushiroyama Nagisan National Park, and there are scientifically precious nature such as virgin forest of beech and highlands wetland of Lake Kosei.
Also, it is known for habitat of golden eagle which is designated as a natural monument and there are few in Japan.
Mt. Hyonosen which shows various expressions in four seasons. It is famous for the mountain which Buntaro Kto who was a legend of mountaineer frequently climbed, and teh route up a mountain with full of changes is attractive! Like the fresh green and colored leaves, the beautiful figure changing seasonally are got close to as a perfect mountain climbing course. Also, every year a lot of professional photographers visit there in order to see "upside-down image of Mt. Hyonosen" which is reflected in water of the rice fields. You can see before rice planting on early May at Bekku terraced rice fields.
[Crossing Mt. Hyonosen Course] for good walkers
Hukusada Shinsui Park starting point (start and goal) Total trip about 13km The time required about 6 hours