Nagusa Shrine is in Myoken-mura, Youka-cho, Yabu City. It is located on the halfway (800 meters high) of Mt. Myoken (altitude: 1139 meters high). It had been called “Myoken-sha” in the old days, and it flourished as a base of the belief in Myoken in Tajima region in modern times. This shrine is designated as a national important cultural property in 2010. It had been 106 years since “Nagusa Shrine Three-Storied Pagoda” was designated in 1904 in Yabu City. Now, Main building, Worship Hall and Three-Storied Pagoda are all national important cultural properties. It is the only place which three national important buildings are lined up in north Kinki region.
Main building and Worship Hall are built in Edo era. Two buildings with elaborate sculptures of dragons, lions, phoenixes and devils are representative ones in Hyogo.
[notice] You cannot enter Nagusa Shrine in winter because of snow.