<You must see!>
*It is located where it is convenient to go to ski resort and Tendaki Waterfall.
*There are restaurants that you can eat delicious Yoka pork dishes or Tajima beef.
*It is recommended for buying souvenir.


"Roadside Service Area Yoka Tajimanokura" is a popular service area in Yabu-shi.
You can buy souvenir and there are resutaurants and more you can enjoy footbath.

Our recommendation is meal at restaurants.
You can enjoy dishes which are used local specialties, Yoka pork, Asakura Japanese pepper. It's really nice.

There is a light meal corner that you can enjoy local things such as steamed Yoka pork bun or original soft ice cream with crispy chocolate and ice flavor is Japanese pepper.
At souvenir corner, there are local specialties such as local brew, soy sauce, and soybean paste.
Why don't you come here?