Going the mountain trail along the stream for 40 minutes (about 1.2 km) from the parking lot of Tendaki Valley Entrance, a white column of water suddenly appears. This is “Tendaki,” the greatest waterfall in Hyogo with a fall of 98 meter, and it seems to fall from the sky. Tendaki is chosen to be in Japan's Top 100 Waterfalls because of its powerful appearance and legends. Also, there are Meotodaki, Tsutsumigataki, Itodaki and other waterfalls in the valley. You can see spring greenery, waterfalls with autumn red leaves, and freezing waterfalls (they are not completely frozen) according to four seasons. Tendaki Valley is designated as “100 Forests in Japan for Forest Bathing” and “50 Forest Bathing Places in Hyogo.”

Festival of Yabu city in this month

Timeline of Tendaki