Yabu Shrine is a Shinto shrine counted among one of five Tajima, and this has already left the name in ancient documents in 737 A.D.

It is called “Gracious Deity of Yabu” from old times, and this is commonly known among local people as God of agriculture. Also, dealing of cows which needed for farming was put under Yabu Shrine control, so it worships as a deity cows. It seems it is a rural shrine and the faith is warm from local people. The precincts are filled with quiet stillness.

A lot of people come to this shrine for Hatsumode (the practice of visiting a shrine or a temple during the New Year) not only from the city but also Tajima area. Also, it is famous for colored leaves of autumn in Hyogo and many people and photographers visit here.

Festival of Yabu city in this month

Timeline of Yabu Shrine