Honshu’s longest suspension bridge over Ryujin Gorge

Ryujin suspension bridge is a giant suspension bridge over Ryujin Gorge in Okukuji Prefectural Natural Park. Its length reaches 375 meters, making it Honshu’s longest pedestrian bridge.

Underneath the bridge, there is a dam, with the bridge suspended 100 meters above the lake surface. The wall surfaces on both sides of the bridge depicts paintings of mountains and earth, with the bridge as a dragon flying out of it.

It hosts various events throughout the year. Carp Festival in May features approximately 1000 carp banners swimming the valley on a grand scale. In addition, it’s known for Lantern Festival and Foliage Festival.

Also, the bungee jump with the maximum height of 100 meters is Japan's largest among the all-season sites, and it's so thrilling that bungee fans who have jumped dozens of times all comment that it's more than they imagined in a chorus.

[Fees] first time 14,000 yen, second time on the same day 6,000 yen

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