Kanazawa Castle is located atop Mt. Hirayama,Kanazawa City,Ishikawa Prefecture.
I was built in the Azuchi-Momoyama era. There are many buildings that have been restored such as Ishikawa Gate,which is an important cultural property,Sanjukken Nagaya (30 tenement houses),Tsurumaru warehouse,Tetsumon Ishigak (iron gate stonewall) mixed with some untouched buildings. The place is full of historical reminders.

Kanazawa Castle Park is close-by and the sight of the seasonal flowers such as the sakura (cherry blossom) or tsutsuji (azalea) in full blossom there is breathtaking. Seeing these flowers with the castle in the backdrop is worth a look so please visit in the flowering seasons.

Kenrokuen Garden,which is one of the 3 Greatest Gardens of Japan,is also nearby. For those of you who are interested in Japanese history,nature and traditional craftsmanship we strongly recommend you visit this place.

There are many restaurants and accommodations as well as souvenir shops so take your time and explore the surrounding area.