takes much longer time.

We are waiting for foreign toursts
with realflet in English, Chinese (Traditional Chinese Characters&simplified Chinese character).
Our recommendation is "Food", "Nature" and "People".

When it comes to foods, "Sushi" and "Fish" always become the main role.
Kochi's Traditional sushi attracts you vinegar rice with pickle horse mackerel or rplled kelp vinegar rice.
In fish menu, grilled bonito is very popular. They are raw so please be careful.
You can enjoy eating these at 'Hirome market' near Kochi Station.

Kochi is rich in nature.We highly recommend canoe at River Shimanto in Shimanto City.
The river is called "a last clear stream river in Japan".

In Susaki City and Naka Tosa Cho, not only you could enjoy traditinal Kochi food but also feel hospitality for tourists of local people at dining street near fishing port. Morever they recommend Japanese Sake.
Be careful not to drink too much!

Timeline of Kochi

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