Thanks to its location, the city preserves unspoiled nature, and there is very comfortable to live all around the year. In addition, you can taste fresh seafood in every season at the Sukumo bay where the Pacific Ocean and the Seto Inland Sea converge. In the spring, this area gets the earliest sakura bloom in Japan. People visit there for marine events in the summer, and the autumn city festival has fireworks show. Finally, the winter in Sukumo is famous for sunset called “fortune dharma sunset” which greatly fascinates the visitors. Mountainous region, which 1065-meter high Sasa-yama mountain is the main peak, has BBQ area with relaxing sound of murmur of the stream. There are more than 1000 kinds of fish around the bay. The number of fishers who visit there is increased these years, especially those who want to catch parrot fish and largescale blackfish. Traditional fishing village and mountain village are still remained there, and you can experience the great nature and beautiful scenery.
Enko-ji temple, the 39th temple of the Shikoku’s eighty-eight sacred places, is in the east part of the Sukumo city. A lot of previous great men who worked for Japanese economics from Edo to Showa period are from this city.
Sukumo city in Kochi has magnificent sea, mountains, and the river. The citizen there preserves traditional culture in the city.


Timeline of Sukumo city

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