Shima city is famous for crayfish catching. The festival called "Ise-ebi Festival" is giving thanks to the sea for providing rich seafood and is held in Hamashima-cho Shima city on the first Saturday of June every year. The main event is a parade using the image of a crayfish "Jakoppe Dance", starting from late afternoon. This parade is actually a contest and many groups come to town every year. The highlight is that the Ise-ebi portable shrine also joins in and everyone gets together to dance. The dance is simple but fun, jumping like splashing! Tourists are welcome and join the locals. Don't forget to see the gorgeous fireworks!
Food stalls are opened at the venue, so enjoy eating while walking around. You can enjoy plenty of sea food from Shima. One of the most recommended cuisines is "Ise-ebi Soup". Ise-ebi is a symbol of long life, so the soup is also known as "longevity soup". Since it is very popular, get it quickly.