Anorisaki Lighthouse has unique square shape and is climbable. It is located at the tip of a cape surrounded by the ocean, where you can see the beautiful scenery even Mt. Fuji on sunny days from the top of the lighthouse.
Anorisaki Lighthouse begun as a lamp hut to navigate the boats about 330 years ago in 1681. People initially burn canola oil in a lantern surrounded by oil paper on a tower about 3m high, and firewood was burned when it was a heavy storm.
The Western style lighthouse was built by a British engineer at the same place in 1873, then it was forced to replaced twice due to the ground collapsing. In 1948, a square lighthouse was reconstructed in the current place with reinforced concrete. Since the first lighthouse was the oldest existing wooden lighthouse at the time, it was dismantled and transferred to the lighthouse division in Yokohama, then restored and preserved in the "Ship Science Museum" in Tokyo Shinagawa today.