Ise-Shima area had been called "cuisine region" in the book Manyoshu over 1,200 years ago in Japan, and had been providing food to the Imperial Family and Court because of its abundance of seafood from ancient times. Among this area, Daio-cho Nakiri area in Shima where used to be a great fishery had to be ordered to contribute dried bonito. This Nakiri area catches the largest number of bonito and manufactures “dried bonito” which is fundamental for Japanese cuisine by the traditional method called "Tebiyama". Once there were over 100 outlets and now only three remain. One of those three called "Katsuo no Tenpaku" offers a site tour explaining the manufacture method, the food cultures and the Nakiri area. The venue is a bonito smoking hut with a history of over 100 years standing on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The owner and the staff will show you the actual process of dried bonito and explain how the bonito became the dried bonito. You can also taste rice with freshly cut bonito flakes and bonito broth. Join the tour and learn the food culture of Ise-Shima area through the dried bonito.