There are two lighthouses in Shima you can climb and enjoy the landscape.
One is the Daiosaki Lighthouse, which is located in the southeastern part of the Shima region. The white lighthouse blends with the blue colors of the sky and the sea, creating this splendid scenery. The cliff has developed into a stair shaped structure, and the ocean waves striking it are an impacting sight to behold.
The second one is the rare square-shaped Anorisaki Lighthouse. It is located in the Anori Saki coast, which separates the sheltered Matoya Bay from the Pacific Ocean. Despite its current square-shape, it originally was a wooden octagonal lighthouse when it was built back in 1873. While the scenery seen from the Shibafu land on the opposite side is quite beautiful, from the lighthouse, it is possible to even see Mt. Fuji on days with fine weather.

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Timeline of Daiosaki Lighthouse / Anorisaki Lighthouse