One of the Seven Deities of Good Fortune, "Ebisu" has been worshiped as a god of luck. People believe in this god to bring welfare and business growth, and to bring big catches and maritime safety for the fishermen.
The large Ebisu statue near Ukehi Shrine in Hamajima area, for some reason, has no "nose" for most of the year. This is not mischievous, but a unique custom of the fishermen's town. In Japanese language, "nose" is pronounced the same as the "edge" which means a tip or a head. Therefore, fishermen think "taking a nose" equals to "taking a first place" and getting to the best fishing point faster than anyone else. One of the fishermen secretly takes the nose at night and wishes for a good catch.
Even though someone takes the nose, this god always kindly keeps an eye on the fishermen. Come and see the "nose-less Ebisu", you may get wining luck.