Kashikojima is floating in the beautiful Ago Bay of Rias Coast.
The island named "Kachikoe-Shima" means you can cross the island on foot. As its name suggests, the closest point from the island to the mainland is only about 10 meters away, and you can cross by train, car or on foot. There are two bridges to Kashikojima island, and the sunset view of Ago Bay from the Kashikojima Grate Bridge attracts many people.
Kagejima is blessed with rich nature and food, it is also the birthplace of pearl farming. There are a lot of floating pearl rafts and many shops with historic pearl products are in town. There are plenty of restaurants where you can eat fresh seafood, the gourmet of Shima. Many accommodations such as the Shima Kanko Hotel which was a venue of the G7 summit in 2016. You can enjoy great views during your stay. Furthermore, there are abundant facilities such as Shima Marine Land aquarium and pleasure boats which go around Ago Bay, enjoyable for all generation.
The island is only about 1 km diameter, but there are countless attractions of Shima. Please visit this little resort island "Kashikojima" and enjoy the charm of Shima.