About 400 years ago, built by the locals. People take turns to look after the shrine, decades after decades and has been maintained well. Residents in this area built the shrine with their own hands and continue to protect it now.
It is said that Katadainari Shrine is beneficial to maritime safety, but originally there were snakes that were not good for the agriculture, so people started worshipping a white fox against snakes. After a flourishing fishery and pearl industry, fishermen also started to pray in this shrine.
One of the highlights of the main shrine is a "painted ceiling". It is said that a famous painter wanted a good doctor in this area to see his sick wife and drew this painting together with his apprentices. Even after a few hundred years, the beautiful colors attracts many people.
However, after all, the charm of this shrine is a contrast of the vermillion of the gate and the blue from the sea. It is a beautiful and mysterious sight. You may also be able to watch local divers fishing at the sandy beach in summer.
The Katadainari Shrine standing by the sea is a small but beautiful and historical shrine to give people a warm feeling. After the prayer, take a picture, it will become a memorable snap shot.