Ise-Shima is known as the place where Mikimoto Kokichi invented and succeeded pearl aquaculture for the first time in the world. Ago Bay in Shima is the centre of the production. In Kashikojima Island of Ago Bay where G7 Ise-Shima Summit was held many pearl shops are lined up. The pearl cultivated in Shima is called "Akoya Pearl" since Akoyagai is used as its base. If you purchase real high quality Akoya Pearl, Shima the birthplace of the pearl is the best. The "MATSUI PEARL" established in 1905 with a historic entrance and antique looking store offers beautiful original pearl jewellery. They accept credit cards and are also popular for customers from overseas. "Iwajin Pearls" is a long-established store with over 90 years. Their clean store offers a wide range of both design and price. Come and get special Akoya pearls at Kashikojima Island.