Ama is a female diver who hunts fish and shellfish like abalone, scallop, etc. by holding her breath. This fishing method has a history of more than 3000 years and is still handed down today. In the Ise-Shima area, about 700 of them are currently active and inherited the tradition. After diving, these women warm their cold body and take a rest in a hut called Amagoya (divers’ hut).
"Ama Hut experiencing Facility, SATOUMIAN" copies a real hut where you can have a meal while listening to fishing and sea stories from the female divers. You can spend a luxurious time enjoying fresh seafood from the local sea while watching the sea in front of the hut. Visit there to experience traditional culture while tasting the seafood of Ise-Shima.

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Timeline of Ama Hut experiencing Facility, SATOUMIAN

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    Mie Shima City

    "Women divers" The Oldest Women's Job

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