Japan is a long-shaped island in the east, west, north and south, and is known as the distinct four seasons. Beautiful flowers of each season, "spring", "summer", "autumn" and "winter" show the seasons of Japan.
"Shima City Tourist Garden" in Shima offers beautiful flowers in all seasons.
【Spring】 7 kinds of "Shibazakura" (phlox subulata) colours the area about 6,000 square meters with the colourful gradation with red, pink, blue and white. These flowers bloom while crawling on the ground, it flowers in a similar shape of the cherry blossoms in spring and grow like grass during the rest of the seasons, so it is named "Shibazakura"(literally means grass cherry blossom).
【Summer】 The sunflower planted over 1,800 square meters look like a yellow carpet spread all over. For children to look around the garden, the sunflower in this garden is a lower height species of about 1 meter. A photograph taken while you are standing in the middle of the sunflower garden will be like a painting.
【Autumn】 The name of cosmos comes from the Greek word "kosmos (beautiful)". It is named after the beautiful shape of petals lined up in order. Come and feel the fresh wind and Autumn of Japan surrounded by beautiful cosmos.

Festival of Shima City in this month

Timeline of "Shima City Tourist Garden" coloured by beautiful flowers of the season

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