Yokoyama Tenku Café Yerrace is a great spot to represent Ise Shima. It has been renewed and reopened in August 2018, a café "Mirador Shima" where you can relax while watching superb views!
Yokoyama Tenku Café Terrace is located at 140m high of 203 m sea level of the middle of Yokoyama, and is well known spot where you can overlook Ago Bay. There are about 60 floating islands of various sizes, big and small in Ago Bay, and those islands form artistic landscapes. There are “Komorebi Terrace” and “Soyokaze Terrace” a little above Yokoyama Tenku Café Terrace, so please visit there too. "Mirador Shima" café serves their original menus such as soft cream, vinegar drink, scones and bagels using local fruits and seaweed. Since the grand floor of the café is surrounded by glass, the spectacular view can be seen from inside. In addition, you can take a seat at the staircase, climb up to the second floor of the roofed observation space. You can enjoy a relaxing time wherever you like at the terrace.