will embrace you.
Miyazaki is the place you can leave from your real life.

Biographically, it is 160Km wide from south to North. The beautiful emerald blue beach are spread-ed. The main sightseeing of Aoshima Shrine and other places are here.
Especially, Horikiri touge, you can feel the roundness of the earth and enjoy 180° of the horizon.
The memory will last for every visitor.

As well as the rich in climate and sightseeing spot, the best thing is the 'People' in Nagasaki.
From the heat of Nagasaki, drive up for a moment, you will find unmanned vegetable shop on the street. It represent the nature of Miyazaki citizen that trust people and have warm heat.

Also, Nagasaki is famous for its food, like its black beef won competition of Japanese beef for twice. Additionally, paprika, Mango, Tomato are amazingly delicious thank to the climate.

What about coming to Miyazaki and taste the local food ?

Timeline of Miyazaki

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