Nagano city, is famous for having hosted the 1998 winter Olympic games. It has long been a tourist spot and used to be a temple town of Zenko-ji, but nowadays it is more of a mecca of outdoor sports throughout the year.

The Hakuba and Shiga-kogen ski resorts are popular among foreign visitors, while Nagano also has historical sites such as Zenkou-ji, Matsumoto castle or Togakushi-jinjya.

Karuizawa is well known as a cool resort in the summer. There is a huge outlet shopping mall and also you can enjoy outdoor sports such as climbing, trecking or skiing in the mountain area. Hot springs are also located close to the mountain area.

Let's try and enjoy the Japanese style noodle known as the "Soba".
Other than that, vegetables and fruits grown in this wonderful environment, seasonal mushrooms, river fish and Shinshu beef raised on apples are all local specialities.

Timeline of Nagano

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    Nagano Yatsugatake Tourism Zone

    Edible Japanese Lantern Plant

    The Japanese lantern plants have a warm color and bear a fruit. It looks cute so it is for ornamental purposes. You can see it around July in a warm area and if it is a cold are...

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    Nagano Yatsugatake Tourism Zone


    Do you know a vegetable called rhubarb? It looks like a Japanese butterbur and you can eat the stem part. In Europe and America, it is used for jam, sweets, and sauce for meat d...

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    Nagano Yatsugatake Tourism Zone

    Highland sweet corn

    People grow corn from a very ancient era. Corn is one of the world's three largest crops together with wheat and rice. About 70% of the crops is used as raw materials for feedin...

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    Nagano Yatsugatake Tourism Zone


    Hara Village is located in the highlands at an altitude of 900m to over 1300m. Due to less rainfall and long hours of sunshine, highland vegetables such as celery, lettuce, cabb...

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    Kamikochi is a scenic area in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture,along the Azusa River.

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    Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park

    Jigokudani Monkey Park is located in the north of Nagano Prefecture and at an altitude of 850m.

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    Daio Wasabi Farm

    Daio Wasabi Farm is located in Azumino city,Nagano Prefectre.
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