An area known for its altitude, locals live from 400m to 1,400m above sea level – a difference of a thousand metres. Long ago in Japan’s Jomon Era (14,000 BC to 300 BC), the area was considered the safest place to live, and was densely populated.
The area is also known as The Sky Resort, due to the leisure activities and cuisine available at the highest altitudes, and not to mention the landscape’s natural beauty – its starlit sky in particular.
Cherry blossoms red leaves bloom in the area at different times (depending on the altitude) meaning that they can be enjoyed multiple times and in different locations. The striking contrast of two different seasons can even be experienced in just a thirty minute drive!
The mountains, together with the uniquely deep blue sky, are known as the Yatsugatake Blue – famous for its magnificent contrast with white snow in winter and the pink Cherry Blossoms in Spring.
It is not surprising, then, that Yatsugatake Kankoken is popular with photographers seeking the perfect mountain view (including Mt. Fuji), or a stunning starlit night sky.
Such natural beauty is known for its revitalising effects on the senses, as well a its ability to calm and relax those who immerse themselves in it.
Just two to two and half hours away from Tokyo and Nagoya, Yatsugatake Kankoken is easy to access, making it a must-visit area during your visit to Japan.


Timeline of Yatsugatake Tourism Zone

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