The forest of the Iwato water source that holds tranquil old cedars. Iwato Shrine is located at the far end of the forest after walking into the forest while listening to the sound of water falls. The precincts are surrounded by huge Japanese cypress and cedar trees over 300 years old, and the atmosphere is mysterious and tranquil. It is also famous as a power spot.

In summer, people enjoy Nagashi Somen at "Iwato tourist garden" nearby, surrounded by trees and nature. Plenty of minus ion in the forest! Under the trees is cool even in summer.
Apart from Somen, fried chicken, salt-grilled rainbow trout, rice balls etc. is available.

Festival of 雲仙市 in this month

Timeline of Iwato Shrine

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    Nagasaki 雲仙市

    Waterwheel village at Keiryu Park

    There is a "Waterwheel village" along the way to Iwato Shrine. There is literally a large water mill in the park and standing beside the flowing river. It is well known that wa...

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