“HotFoot105” is named after the 105 degrees temperature of the hot spring and has the longest footbath with a length of 105 meters.
In addition to a regular footbath and walking footbath, there is a footbath for pets and steam pots for cooking vegetables and sea foods and is crowded with many people.

Festival of 雲仙市 in this month

Timeline of HotFoot105

  • Gourmet Thumb1 20180830141156
    Nagasaki 雲仙市

    Seafood Market: Mushigamaya

    Obama Onsen creates the highest caloric value in Japan. This is a shop where you can eat steamed rich fresh seafood and ingredients from the mountain using Japan’s greatest hot ...

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    Nagasaki 雲仙市

    New Year's parade of fire brigades

    On January 5 every year, fire fighters who are wearing Happi coats got together all over Unzen City at the Obama Marine Park in Obama Town. They wish for no fire for the year an...

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