This is the remains of an encampment of Saga Nabeshima-han, Koujirok district, Nabeshima clan with a history.

The Koujirokuji district centred on this Nabeshima encampment remains is selected as a preservation of the National important traditional buildings and the beautiful street looks as if time stood still. A bamboo hedge to protect the mansion and a stone wall with buried stones. There is a waterway through the town providing water to each household.

Outstanding looks of the turtle-shell-style stone wall continues to the Nagaya gate of Nabeshima. There is a main building with an impressive Karahafu-style entrance on the northern side. The retirement wing built in 1860 and the building with the modern Japanese architecture Shoin-style from the Meiji and Taisho era, create a dignity of the former chief of the area. Most of the buildings are designated as a National important cultural property.