Previously known only to be a location that connects the island of Honshu (mainland) and the island of Shikoku through the gigantic Seto Bridge, the southern part of this area is now known to be Japan's first ever national park that includes Seto City's National Park attractions, such as the Washuzan Island, Oujigadake Hill, and the Yūgasan Mountain, making this island full of amazing landscapes and sights.

The manufacturing sector during the end of the Edo period in this area was once pioneered by Nozaki Buzaemon, who had made his "Kingdom of Saltpan" on the island. Additionally, the area is also called "The Textile Town" for the prosperity of its textile industry.

The island's long history in regards to its textile industry dates all the way back to Edo period (the start of braiding), the making of 'tabi' (Japanese socks) during the Taishō period, and the concentration in school uniform production during the Shōwa period. On top of this, the island had also produced the country's first jeans in the 1960s that tried to replicate the authenticity of genuine jeans production.

At present, the island still maintains its high use of technology and technique to produce jeans that attracts national and international audiences, especially putting intricate detail in materials, coloring, weaving, sewing, finishing, and processing.

The nearby Seto inland sea is also home to a fishing port of Shimotsui - an area blessed with a mountain of fresh marine products.

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Timeline of The Region of Kojima

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