catches attentions from people both in Japan and overseas, being one of the best resort areas in Asia.

Okinawa has a lot of popular locations: Okinawa Churami Aquarium owns the second world best acrylic panel. In Ryukyu Village, you can enjoy and experience the culture, art, and nature of Okinawa . Okinawa World attracts you with the limstone cave which is qualified as most beautiful in Asia. The duty-free store DFS Galleria Okinawa carries various luxury brands.

Amazing beaches provide you with fun activities, such as sea bathing, snorkeling, squva diving, marine sports, and needless to say, the beautiful sunset.

Isolated form the main island, Ishigakijima, Miyakojima, and Keramashoto fascinate you as well. Keramashoto, a collection of little islands over the region of the Ramsar Convention agreement, brings you the view of clear ocean just by one-hour of fast ferry drive.

Food culture in Okinawa is influenced by Satsuma (in Kyushu), Fujian (in China) and southwestern Asia. Come and enjoy the taste of Okinawa different from mainland Japan.

Timeline of Okinawa

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    Shuri Castle

    Shuri Castle was the centre of govern,diplomacy and culture in Ryukyu Kingdom.
    It was the symbol...

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    Kokusai Street

    Kokusaidori Street is 1.6 kilo meter Main Street located in the centre in Naha city Okinawa.

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    Okinawa Churaum-I Aquarium

    Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is the famous aquarium in Okinawa.
    You can see fishes living in Okinaw...

Nature / Flowers

Temple and Shrine/Castle/Historical site

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