on the bullet train from JR Shin Osaka station, making it easy for access.

Osaka is surrounded by some illustrious cities, and has unbeatable access to all of them, whether it be Kyoto with its traditional atmosphere, the exotic feeling of Kobe, the Historical city of Nara or the religious city of Wakayama(Koyasan).

Osaka castle and Shinsaibashi (Dotonbori) are famous and popular among foreign tourists.
Universal Studio Japan, and one of largest aquariums in the world "Kaiyukan" are other popular choices.

"Kuidaore" means to collapse from overeating, and this word is used to express Osaka's extravagant food culture. The popular phrase "Kyo no Kidaore, Osaka no Kuidaore, Edo no Nomidaore" (Kyoto people are extravagant in dress, Osaka people in food and Edo people in sake) express the general understanding that people in Osaka spend a lot of money on food. It is said that you can eat good food at a cheap price in Osaka.

Timeline of Osaka

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    Established in 1987 Osaka uncle welcome people with skills and a warm heart. Please try the chef's original udon soup stock, seasonal foods, and local sake. "I want to enjoy...

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    Osaka Castle

    Osaka castle is a famous symbol of Osaka and it is a must see on your Osaka visiting tour.

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    Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

    Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN is very popular and it is said that "60% of visitors become repeaters!!"....

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    Shinsaibashi is the most popular place for foreign visitors.
    The world's best brands such as LO...

Temple and Shrine/Castle/Historical site