Hizen Hamajuku located in Kashima city, Saga prefecture. It was famous for the port and former Nagasaki highway since Edo era. The district is blessed with abundant groundwater and delicious rice, so sake brewing has become popular even now. You can enjoy sake brewing tours and enjoy tasting in each brewery.
In addition, Hizen Hamajuku has many white-walled warehouses and traditional hamachi houses and so it was selected as the "important traditional building group preservation area" in 2006.
On Sakura Dori leaves its old tradition, facilities such as a great sake brewery with a long tradition and a soy sauce shop, and now cafes and galleries are open without destroying the tranquil landscape.

You can still look at sake brewing even if you can't drink, you can enjoy sake brewing and walk around the streets. If you are want to know more about the detailed history and attractions of Hizen Hamajuku, there are multilingual brochures and guided tours too!
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