Karatsu Castle, symbol of Karatsu city was build by first lord of Karatsu clan.
The current figure of the castle was completed in 1966 as cultural tourism spot. 5 layers castle tower have proudly standing.
It is also called Maizuru-jo means Castle of dancing crane. Since this castle tower looks like crane head and pine trees spreading to both side look like form of crane spread wings. There are exhibitions of precious old materials such as old Karatsu ware, documents or armor of ancient times inside the castle. Castle tower works as observatory where you can have nice view of Genkai Sea or Matsuuragata tidal. Not only stone steps but also elevator is available to get to the top of observatory. Maizuru park around the castle is one of most famous spot of beautiful flowers such as Sakura or wisteria. At night, Karatsu Castle will be lit up and you will find beautiful castle tower.