Nanatsugama (seven pots) is a rare marine cave with seven consecutive caves. A major tourist spot at the coast of Karatsu City,Saga Prefecture.
It is designated as a national Natural Monument by the name of  Yakata-ishi Rock no Nanatsugama.
By taking a ferry,you can go inside some of the big caves.

Take a bus or a taxi from Karatsu Station to Yobuko. A tourist boat from Yobuko will guide you through the big marine caves.

Enjoy the rare,exotic and moving sights.
Children can also appreciate this place by actually touching the caves. Other than the tourist boat of Nanatsugama,you can will be entertained by undersea exploration at the sea of Yobuko. Have two unique experience in just one spot.

Take a look at the fish undersea from a ferry. Various types can be seen in different seasons.